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“The bamboo rod with two big rice bowls”

The fertile delta of the Red River, the northern rice chamber of Vietnam, is connected with the southern by the narrow central region of the mountain range over 900 kilometers to the branched Mekong delta and so resembles a bamboo stick with two bowls, a picture derived from the way of carrying loads on a pole.
Vietnam Asia’s exotic garden of Eden, speaking to all senses: bright red hot chilies, dark green fresh herbs, delicately luminescent limes, transparent ebony rice rolls, all seductively fragrant and savory.


The elegant architectural line of wood, stone and plant elements is enlivened by lovingly used details. The warm light brings a feeling of security.



Enjoya cocoon

The design motto of our Vietnamese restaurant in Berlin is a trilogy of wood, bamboo and green plants, tile-covered niches with wood and brick stone columns, separated by green bamboo, all like in Vietnamese architecture. A rich variety of lush green plants gives tropical charm. The mild light of bamboo lanterns creates a feel-good ambiance.


A woman dreamed she was visiting a restaurant. Right in the middle of our bustling city of Berlin she hit on the Vietnamese EDEN. She went in and asked: ”What are you offering here?”

EDEN answered: ”everything your heart desires.”



Right now!

We invite you into our cozy and modern ambience, Vietnamese delicacies are spoiled. If you want to see, smell and taste the regions of Vietnam, then book now online or by phone call.